Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gas and Indigestion!

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday. I waited about 30+ minutes and was with the doctor for about 5. Things are good. Blood pressure is good. Pee was good. Baby's heartbeat was 155. We could hear it on my left side this time- last time it was on the right. I asked her about episiotomy (I don't know how to spell it). She said she only cuts one if the baby is struggling and she needs to get him out fast. She said with a woman's first baby she generally will tear a little but she won't cut an episiotomy unless the baby is in danger. That made me feel a little better. We talked about them in our last prenatal class and the teacher said to ask our doctor what her ratio was for cutting. I have my next appointment on Monday the 23rd and then it's every week after that! My next appointment will be an important one. She checks my cervix and then she does a test where she puts a swab up me to test for Strep B. She said some women have the virus but it does nothing to them but if her baby were to come out and come in contact with it, then the baby would get it and possibly die so if a woman has Strep B, then they treat her with antibiotics while she is in labor and that's supposed to take care of it. I hope I'm not one of the few lucky women to have the virus.
Yesterday was a hormonal day for me. We got a new KING size bed for free, which I love. I had a hard time sleeping the first night, so I didn't get much rest and then on top of that, bills just keeping piling on and Tyson's not working as much as he was in the summer so our income is much smaller but our expenses are increasing and especially with a baby they will even more, so I was stressed and had a little melt down and cried. After I got it all out, I was fine. It was nice to have a good cry. Tyson doesn't understand and thinks that when I cry, something is terribly wrong and when I don't want to talk about it, he gets frustrated. All it really is is released emotion. Poor boy!
As far a physicalness goes- I'm getting bigger. I have lots of gas and I'm getting indigestion more and more, which is something I've never really had to deal with-- the indigestion that is-- gas is a whole other story! :) I'm getting more and more uncomfortable. I'm still able to do quite a bit at work. I'm on my feet pretty much the whole day. The middle of my back gets sore and I feel like a brick is hanging from my crotch, but other than that things are great! Sometimes I'll be standing there and all of a sudden all my energy will drain out of me and my legs feel like I've just run a marathon. It's a weird feeling. It doesn't happen too much, which is good.
The baby's room is coming together a little more. We moved our old bed into his room for when my mom comes to stay with us after the baby is born. We'll leave the bed in there for when people come to visit. We still need a crib but other than that, I think we've got what we need. I'm sure when he comes I'll be wishing for more things, but right now we're pretty much set.

Well, our last class is tomorrow so I'm sure I'll be posting then.