Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Trip to Texas

We had a fun vacation down to Tyson's mission in Texas. Lawson went to the beach and swam in a swimming pool for the first time. He loves the water! We had a lot of fun. It was really hot and humid. It made us glad to be back home. Lawson did very well on the trip. He did surprisingly well on the airplane also. He's such an easy-going baby. We're really blessed to have him.

In about 5 weeks I get to quit my job! I will be staying home with Lawson while Tyson starts Law School here at BYU. I'm so excited-- it's not coming fast enough though! I look forward to having the energy to be a mom and wife and not have to worry about work. Tyson might even get some meals! :) Anyway, things are great!


emily said...

Yay for quitting! I bet that will be fun to be home with Lawson. It was good to hear from you and get all the updates! I'm glad you posted more pictures. Lawson is getting big!