Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First Words...

Lawson is becoming smarter and smarter each day. Over the last few months we've been teaching him how to do "Touchdown." We say "Touchdown" and he lifts both arms into the air and usually screams. The other day I had him in his highchair and told him to do "Touchdown." He lifted both hands up and then SAID "Tusdow." Tyson was in the other room and I said, "Did you hear that?" He had! Besides da-da, ma-ma, and ba-ba-- that's his first word! How perfect!
A couple of days ago I was changing Lawson's diaper. He likes to roll around so I usually give him something to hold while I get the duty done so he'll hold still. This particular day I gave him a card that Tyson's grandma had given him that had a kitty and a pumpkin on it. He was looking at it and kept saying what I thought was, "D." He was pointing to the kitty and I figured out he was trying to say, "Kitty." Tyson was asleep on the couch so I flipped the light on and said, "Dad, your baby wants to tell you something." I pointed to the kitty and Lawson said, "D" for his dad. It was soooo cute.
He's learned "Ut Oh" also. He likes to tip things over and say either "oh oh" or "uh uh." He hasn't quite got them together yet. He's so smart!
What will he say next???