Saturday, November 03, 2007

Little Stinker

Lawson has recently learned how to push the buttons on the tv-- turning the volume up and down, changing channels, and my favorite- turning the tv off! While Tyson and I watch tv, Lawson usual plays around the livingroom with his toys. Often he pulls himself up to the tv and starts pushing buttons. Tyson will then say, "uh uh uh" to let Lawson know he's doing something naughty. So now Lawson will pull himself up to the tv, point his little finger towards the buttons, and tells himself "uh uh uh." He now does it when he's pulling on the blinds and the tv and cable cords (other naughty things). We visited Grandma and Grandpa in Idaho Falls for a few days. We went to church on Sunday and my mom and I were sitting in Relief Society. There were 3 babies playing by us on the floor. I put Lawson down to let him play with them. He picked up a toy and started playing with it. One of the little girls came up to him and tried to pull the toy away. Lawson immediately said, "uh uh uh." What a little stinker!


Mat, Chenae & Jackson said...

Sarah, He is soooooooo Cute!