Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Daily Routine...

I've been tagged to list my daily routine. I thought this was an interesting one! I'm always interested to see what other people do during their day.

7:30 ish-- Lawson wakes up (it used to be 6 but it's changed-- thank goodness!) Lawson and I eat breakfast-- usually just cereal.

On Tuesdays, 8:45 Take Tyson to school and then go walking at the mall with other girls whose husbands are also in Law School (way fun!) I usually walk about an hour.

On Fridays at 9, we take Tyson to school and then at 10 we go to the library for "Book Babies." They do storytime, singing, puppets, and bubbles. Lawson LOVES it. Afterwards we check some books out.

I'm a lazy bum most of the time, so Lawson and I watch tv after breakfast (if not Tuesday or Friday) for a few hours. Most of the time I fall back asleep on the couch!(I've NEVER been a morning person) That's my bad habit!

Around 10 or 11 I gate Lawson off into the hall with his toys and I do my workout which is between 1 to 2 hours (I've lost 11 pounds so far this year!!!)

After my workout, Lawson and I eat lunch and then Lawson goes down for his nap around noon. Sometimes I do my workout while he's asleep. If I'm not exercising at this time, I clean a little or check my email, blog, read a book etc. Oh, I do take a shower around this time too!

Lawson wakes up around 2 to 3. Tyson comes home around that time also. Lawson and I have a little snack when he gets up. We usually all play together-- tickle time, hide-and-go-seek, chase Lawson, read books etc.

I start dinner around 4 or 5 and we eat around 5 or 6.

We play a little more with Lawson while watching tv. Lawson takes a bath every other night and then gets his jammies on and he's in bed by 8.

Tyson does some homework most of the time after that and I clean the kitchen or do laundry, email, blog, surf the net.

We watch the news together and are in bed around 11 and sometimes watch something in bed for about a half hour or so. Then we go to sleep and start all over again.

So that's a typical day for me. In the winter my energy goes way down, so that's my excuse for the morning nap! :)

I would love to hear the daily routines of: Kelly Evers, Chenae Duerden, Jena Howell, Jenny Hill, Sarah Steele, Nicci Woffinden, and Natalie Olsen. (and anyone else who would like to)


Taylor and Justina Selim said...

Fun routine! I didn't know you did the walking thing! I should start doing that! Do they walk fast? It's a the mall right? Do a lot of people come? I am probably too lazy to actually do it, but it sounds fun!

Zac and Sarah Steele said...

So analyzing my week makes me want to cry! I can't wait to be done with school! But thanks for tagging me. It makes me feel special :-)