Monday, March 24, 2008

Random Pics (from Idaho)

I've been waiting for my brother to email me these pics so that's my excuse for not posting them earlier. This was Lawson's bedroom while we stayed in Idaho to "teenagesit." If you can't tell, it's my parents' closet! It was nice because it was very dark. One day I put him down for a nap and I could hear him kind of banging around. When things were quiet, I went in to check on him. Lawson was asleep with the playpen tipped on its side a little and he had about 5 of my dad's ties in bed with him that he had pulled down from the tie rack. It was very funny! There's a laundry chute right by Lawson's head and we found a couple of pacifiers downstairs with all the dirty laundry.
This is Lawson's "surprised face" that my siblings loved. This was also Lawson's first time with spaghetti. He had a good time. Most of it went to the floor though.
Sorry Grandma! :)
Ethan asked me to cut his hair while I was there. I told him it would be sweet if he had some steps in his hair. He told me no. Later that week, my other brother, Devin, came over and I mentioned to Devin that Ethan wouldn't let me put steps in his hair. One thing you may not know about Devin is that he has the gift of manipulation. He can get you to do anything! So anyway, Devin talked Ethan into getting some sweet steps! They were very cool. I think Ethan is bringing sexy back! Ha Ha!


Taylor and Justina Selim said...

I love the messy highchair pic! haha, that cracked me up!