Friday, October 10, 2008

Thompson/Oblad family game

Every year since Tyson and I have been married we've done a Thompson/Oblad BYU football game. We usually meet in the late morning and play a football game together with Thompsons versus Oblads. Tyson's family is really into sports and my family really isn't so much so it's usually a blowout in favor of the Oblads. This year we decided to skip the game and just do the pizza we usually do from Brick Oven. Then we went to the game against Wyoming (September 20th). We always get matching shirts too.

Cicily ("E-heez"), Kinsie, and Lawson
Lawson loved looking in the binoculars that my family brought.
Me, my dad, and Lawson. Missy, Ethan, my mom, and Landon are in the background.
Missy and Ethan
Lawson, Abbie ("Uh-bye"), Devin and Missy ("Me-mes).

I didn't take many pictures and wasn't able to get everyone. We had Tyson's dad, mom, her boyfriend, Tyson's grandma and cousin, his 3 sisters, one of their boyfriends, and 2 brothers. From my family everyone was there (my parents, 4 brothers, 1 sister-in-law, and 1 sister). It turned out to be perfect weather and was a fun game! Last year it snowed us out and the year before it was soooo hot, so we picked a perfect game this year and we won!


Nick and Mary Beth said...

Well I am so excited that you have a blog!! Your little boy is so cute! I like is name. Do you have any names for your little girl? This is so exciting to be intouch with everyone again! You know what I still have? That video from right after we graduated HS! I don't know if you remember but its hilarious. I actually showed my husband and he was like, "you guys are so wierd!" Guess you had to be there huh?

Kelly Grace said...

What a great tradition! It looks like fun, I miss our BYU football days! I miss your family! How far along is Missy-I am so lame that I dont know that!
PS You are looking pretty hot for almost halfway!

The Dahlstroms said...

Sara, I am so glad you found me on here. You're blog is adorable and so is your little boy! You'll have to keep in touch!

just jason said...
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just jason said...

the funny thing about the QUEST is that it's going to get MURDERED by UTAH...even more than it already HAS BEEN!!! ha ha ha guys going to the game? cause I WILL BE THERE!!!!