Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blue's Clues

Recently Lawson has been quite obssessed with the kids' show "Blue's Clues." For those who've never seen it, it's a guy who has a dog named Blue who leaves blue paw prints on clues to help him figure out what the dog wants. The guy has a little notebook with a crayon that he draws the clues on and when he gets all 3 clues he sits on his "thinking chair" and puts all the clues together to figure out the puzzle. One day he had watched 4 episodes and wanted to watch more so I told him we should play Blue's Clues instead. So we cut out handprints and hid them around the house. I had a little notebook and a crayon so I gave those to Lawson and he was thrilled!
Lawson sitting on his "thinking chair" with his notebook. Sorry about the crotch shot! :)

Lawson drawing his clues

Mommy's and Lawson's clues


Beckie said...

'What a good little mommy you are-- playing Blues Clues with the little man-- !!

Heaphraim said...

What a great idea! We have to try it. By the way- did Max leave a brown Gap sweat jacket at your house on Tuesday?

Sam and Jessica said...

Hey!! How are you guys doing?? Are you excited for the new baby?? Hope everything is well!

Justina Selim said...

How cute! We had fun with you guys yesterday! Let's do it again soon!!