Saturday, March 07, 2009

Life is Good...

I just feel like posting and saying that life is really good right now. Of course I don't have all the material things I want in life (a house, ownership of our cars, out of debt, etc.) but I am truly happy right now. I don't know if it's because of the birth of Makayla or the fact that I'm not pregnant and physically miserable but I'm feeling really good about things. I'm so grateful to be a mother and have the opportunity to be a part of my kids' lives. I'm thankful they are healthy and (for the most part) happy. I'm so grateful for an amazing husband who helps me improve myself. We have good times together and it's nice to share my life with him as well. Anyway, I just felt like writing that. I've got lots of pictures I need to post. I'll try to do that later tonight.


Anna said...

I am soo happy to hear that you are doing well and that you are HAPPY!!!
Cute cute kids you have!!! I need to see you.
Please tell me that you havent gotten your hair done lately, because that would mean that you were across the street from my house and didnt say hello.