Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More Lawson Stuff

Just a few things about Lawson I want to record before I forget. While I was in the hospital having Makayla, Cicily (Tyson's sister) was watching Lawson. Lawson was being naughty so Cicily put him on time-out. In order for him to get out of time-out he has to count to 10 and then tell us he's sorry. Cicily had him count to 10 (he's gotten REALLY good at it!!) and then jokingly said, "K, can you count to 10 in Spanish?" Lawson started, "Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco" and then with a little bit of Cicily's help he counted all the way to 10!!! We've never worked on counting in Spanish before!! I had no idea he knew how. I guess watching Dora the Explorer has paid off! I was shocked to hear this story!

Lately if Lawson doesn't like something or doesn't want to do something he calls it "yucky." If we're coming home from the store or something and pull into the driveway he yells out that our house is yucky because he doesn't want to come home. If he doesn't want to go to bed, he calls his bed yucky. The other day I asked him if he wanted to hold the baby and he said, "No, baby yucky." It made me laugh to think of my sweet little girl as being "yucky."

When my mom came down to help with Lawson when we had Makayla, she brought a twin bed for her to sleep on and then for us to use for Lawson because he had been still in his crib. We were worried about the transfer of beds for Lawson because when he figured out how to get out of his crib it was a nightmare (we got a crib tent to keep him in bed). He has done AWESOME in his new bed! He loves it and stays in it for the most part. Mornings are earlier now though and naps are a little shorter but he's been doing great!

The other day, randomly, Lawson told me he had to go potty. He's done that a few times with no results so I didn't think anything would happen. We took his diaper off and I put him on the toilet and he went pee pee! It was so exciting for all involved! He got some jellybeans and was really happy about that. As soon as he's out of diapers (in about a month) I'm going to tackle the challenge that I've been putting off. Wish me luck!

Well, that's all for now. Things are going really well for us. A little hectic at times for me but overall it's been a smooth transition!