Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Oblad!

With so many family at Kayla's blessing we decided to celebrate Tyson's dad's Birthday also. He turned 60 years young, which equaled a fire hazard! Our landlord would have had a heart attack if he saw this. :)

We had to take the battery out of the smoke alarm for this. Seriously, we did. :)

This was done on purpose. There's a funny website with cake disasters like this one.

Tyson's dad likes German chocolate cake, so we got him his own piece. He made the mistake of giving Lawson a bite, who then ate his entire ginormous piece of cake. Grandpa only got a couple bites and Lawson polished it off for him. Too bad he's not like that with vegetables.


Anna said...

Love that cake! hahaha
awesome. ;)