Saturday, October 17, 2009


It's been awhile. Tyson went down to Texas to make some contacts with some attorneys down there. He met some great people and fell in love even more with living there. :) He didn't visit his mission (the very southern part) but met people in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. While he was gone, the kids and I went up to Idaho Falls to spend the week with my family. It was nice to have extra help. While we were there, we went down to the Snake River and fed the ducks. We pulled up to the place where they usually are and got out. As soon as I opened the car door, about 50 ducks and geese were there to greet me! It was insane! We had never seen so many like that. It got a little overwhelming especially with the mean geese that were as tall as Lawson! We had Makayla in the stroller and she freaked out at the sight of all the ducks so I had to hold her the whole time. It was really fun. PS the quality of the video is awful but you get the idea. It was taken from my phone. We have a video function on our camera but there isn't any sound. I think we need a new camera (hint, hint, Santa!)


Elisa Simmons said...

I showed this to Sarah - she kept wanting to watch it over and over and over. We probably have seen it 10 times at least! Thanks for sharing!