Friday, January 07, 2011

Lawson's Birthday! 2010!!

Lawson turned 4 in November! (I'm slow, I know!) Here's how the day went:
Growing up, my mom always made a huge deal out of our birthdays. I hope to carry that on to my kids. It was always a great day for us- and my favorite was we didn't have to do our chores that day! Lawson woke up to presents and the kitchen decorated.
He even got a package from Grandma Lynnie (my mom).

We always got our favorite cereal for our birthday. Lawson chose Cocoa Puffs.

The loot from Grandma!

He wanted to have his birthday at his favorite park. Since we live in Texas now, that was possible. No snow to worry about. :) It was a chilly day- in the 50s with some wind but it was still fun! He had lots of friends who came. (Amy pictured above)

Grant is Makayla's boyfriend. :) She prays for him everynight (on her own). It is very sweet. His mom took these great birthday party pics. I totally forgot my camera at home (it takes about 15 min to get to this park) so she ran home and got her camera! So sweet!

Lawson wanted to have a Spongebob birthday party. For a game we went "jellyfishing." Tyson blew up some water balloons with air so we had little balloons, which were the jellyfish. Since it was windy, I let the balloons go and the kids ran after them. It was hilarious to watch! Landon (above) got a handful!

Some of his friends: Caleb, Lawson, Tripp, Megan, and Kadence.

He got a bit overwhelmed when opening all his presents. He had a little meltdown and ran away to the playground while all his friends were sitting there watching. It was pretty funny but also embarrassing. :)

Makayla and Megan eye-balling the Spongebob cupcakes.


Eating cupcakes and handing out loot bags.

For dinner we had "L" pizza.

Equipped with Spongebob eating utensils.

The party-goers

He specifically asked for a "4" candle.

Blowing out the candle!

We're glad you're in our family! Happy Birthday!


The Thompson Family said...

He is such a fun little guy! So glad he is our nephew :) You are a great mom and a mini lynnie in the making.

JC and Jena said...

Sara you have a FOUR year old!! Do you feel so old?!?! That is so crazy how fast the time went! Happy 4th Birthday cute Lawson boy!