Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Christmas 2010

Where does the time go? It's already February and I'm just now getting around to posting about Christmas! We had a great time in Utah/Idaho this past Christmas. Our parents helped us out so we could fly to Salt Lake. We hadn't had any snow in Texas at that point so it was fun for the kids to play in the snow a bit while we were there.
Playing in Grandpa Oblad's backyard.
As I was going through pictures I realized that these snow pictures were the only ones I took in Salt Lake! I feel like the biggest jerk! I have no idea what I was thinking! I need to strap my camera to my arm when I go places. Sorry Oblad family!!! If you have any pics, send them my way.

We visited some of our very favorite friends in Provo! It was so much fun to visit! Lawson and Julian were really good friends! We miss you guys!

Lily and Sam are really good friends from Law School. Sam and I were pregnant at the same time during school. We miss our friends! John-David and Sam had us over at their house to visit while in Utah. It was so much fun and felt like we'd never left!

I couldn't get the guys to stop talking long enough to take a picture so I just snapped a couple! Tyson and John-David.

Lance and Tyson talking about law stuff. :)

A lot of my mom's side of the family live in Utah so we were able to go to the Hyer Family Christmas party! My cute granny did a live nativity! The single grandkids and great grandkids were the actors. My brother Ethan and my cousin BreAnn were the innkeepers while my Grandma was the narrator.

The donkey (my brother, Landon) carried Mary (my cousin Addison) to the inn.

Baby Jesus was played by my niece Molly who was dressed in a Santa suit! :)

There were sheep--
Played by my nephew Mack and my girl Makayla. Cutest little lambies!

There were wisemen/women played by my cousin's kids.

My cute innkeeper brother, E.

A shepherd played by my boy, Lawson.

We always tease my brother Ethan that he looks like my mom. I'm thinking that's why he's growing his hair out. :) Although he tells us it's for Locks of Love!

Porter was getting sleepy and folded himself in half to rest his huge head!

We spent Christmas in Idaho Falls and had a great time. Mack (my brother's son) and Makayla are just a couple of weeks apart in age. It was fun that they were able to be there too. They are living in Omaha while Devin goes to dental school.

"Kathy's Brownies"
We always make these brownies when we go to Idaho per Tyson's request. They are yummy and fattening!
My brother Devin and my beautiful little sister, Abbie! ha ha!
Macky giving Porty Pie a little kiss

Christmas Eve dinner
My mom always does an amazing job with table settings.
Mack and Makayla

Molly and Porter.
Porter was born in May and Molly was born in September. It's fun having little cousins close together in age.

Lawson loves babies and is so good with them. Molly loved watching him.

Christmas Eve pajamas. This is the best picture we could get!

We had a lot of fun doing puzzles. Everyone worked on it together and had a blast.

Lawson LOVES puzzles! There were quite a few pieces that he found that people had been looking for. Not quite sure why he's in his undies. :)

Santa came for a visit and we all got to sit on his lap and received a special gift. Landon got a huge bottle of chocolate syrup.


Santa gave Tyler a sign and cup to help him earn money so that he and his roommates can afford to pay their utilities. Apparently, they don't turn the heat on in Moscow, Idaho and wear coats and gloves in their apartment instead.

So he got the plastic window covers to keep the cold out.

I have enjoyed an auto-tuned video on YouTube called Sunny D and rum so I got a bottle of Sunny D and some rum extract. Check out the video here
Don't think less of me :)

My mom and "Santa" (who is my skinny dad if you didn't know- his beard kept coming off)

My sister-in-law, Missy, got some Bumpits, which are things you put in your hair to give you an Idahoan poof! She makes fun of those who have them. :)

Mack wasn't too keen on the idea of Santa. If he only knew who was behind the beard. :)

Tyson got a tarp to "hide his wife, hide his kids..." He also enjoys an autotuned video from YouTube. Enjoy it here
Porty Pie didn't mind Santa one bit! :)


Abbie played a prank on my dad a few months ago. She hid in the dryer (yeah, she's skinny). My brother, Landon, went and got my dad and said something was wrong with the dryer. When my dad came to see what was wrong, he opened the dryer door and Abbie blasted an air horn and scared him to death. Santa payed the favor back and pulled out of his bag an air horn and blasted her! See the full action here

Baby Molly

He told my dad later that he saw my dad's hands on Santa. He kept trying to go in my parents room to see the Santa suit. He's too smart for his own good!
Since Ethan is growing his beautiful hair out, he needed some things to help him keep it groomed.

Porty Pie's first Christmas!

Molly's first Christmas too!

Christmas morning! We were blessed!
Grandpa with Baby Molly

Makayla got big girl undies in her stocking. We have yet to put those to good use. We tried one day but I gave up. :)

Makayla got new dollies from Grandma and Grandpa

Missy, Mack, Devin, Ethan, and Tyler

G-ma and G-pa gave Lawson and tent!

Makayla got a purple laptop from Santa!

Look at that intent look on Porter's face! He loved th paper!

Kayla got this cute hair clip from my mom

Lawson got a computer from Santa too. It helps him write his letters!

Tyson with Mack and Porter

My brother Devin and his wife Missy, daughter Molly, and son Mack.

In Missy's family they have a tradition to have mint chocolate chip pancakes and karo syrup on Christmas morning. We decided to try her tradition this year. I'm not going to lie, it wasn't bad! :)

This was breakfast on Christmas Eve (the pic got out of order)

We leave food out all day on Chrismas and everyone just eats all day long. I'm happy to say I only gained 2 pounds during our whole vacation!

My dad and brothers are outdoorsmen. All but one brother (I have 4) enjoy hunting, hiking, and the like. They also like building things. One of the brothers had a great idea to build a canon! They pitched in money and bought all the supplies including bowling balls, gun powder, and an oxygen tank- along with the other stuff that it took to make it. On Christmas day we all caravaned up to the foothills to watch them shoot off the canon. It was great fun! I even lit one of the fuses. There were no fatalities nor injuries!
We went and visited my dad's parents- my Grandma and Grandpa Thompson. They got to meet Porter for the first time!

Grandpa with Porter and Molly
We had a great Christmas and were blessed to be able to visit with family. Since moving to Texas it's been hard to be so far from everyone so it was really good to visit for nearly 2 weeks! We miss y'all!


The Thompson Family said...

Love it! Such a fun time...I just wish we had silent library pictures :) My post took forever too cause we had such a fun packed week together. We miss you guys!!