Sunday, March 20, 2011

Makayla's 2nd Birthday!

Our princess, Makayla, turned 2 on February 12th! She got lots of fun presents.
She got girly plates and bowls with cute birds on them.

She also got a princes stroller! She's been pushing her dollies around in boxes for a long time now, I figured it was time to get her a stroller! She loves it!

Since her birthday is close to Valentine's Day, I did a heart cake. Last year I did heart-shaped cupcakes. The frosting didn't work too well after cutting it to the heart-shape. It kept getting crumbs in it. It was cooled and everything- if anyone knows how to remedy that problem, let me know!

She got some neat presents from Grandma Lynnie (my mom). She got 2 cute outfits and a little panda laptop!

She loves it!

She freezes up when it comes to taking pictures. She often has a blank look on her face.

One of her party guests! Porty Pie.

Lawson and Dad enjoying cake

The 2 girls!

Happy Birthday, little princess!