Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Birthday!

My birthday came and went this year! They aren't as fun when you get older! :) I turned 29- the last of my twentys! I'm feeling old! I had a pretty nice birthday! Tyson and I went to my favorite restaurant called Cheddar's! It's DELICIOUS! Lawson and Tyson made a cake for me. Lawson wanted blue frosting. :) We only had 25 candles so I had to blow out 25 and then hold my breath while Tyson lit 4 more so I could blow them all out in one breath!
Tyson, his dad, and my parents all chipped in and bought me my very own laptop! Our desktop crashed about a year ago and we were left with a laptop, which Tyson takes to work everyday. I don't spend tons of time on the computer but it's nice to have when I need to look up a recipe, keep up on my blog, and things like that! It's one of the best presents I've gotten! Thank you! I also got cards, phone calls, emails, and lots of facebook messages! It was really sweet!

Me blowing out my candles!
Tyson didn't want a bunch of wax in the frosting, so he put the candles to one side! :)
Thanks for the fun birthday!


Emily said...

Sara! I loved reading all the updates with your family. First all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And second of all, CONGRATS on your fun news. And thanks for the sleeping tip for our baby. I'm going to read that book and try it. I'll let you know how it goes!

Beckie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

The Thompson Family said...

Hey skinny lady! You look awesome!! Glad you had a fun birthday :)

Trenholms said...

Happy Birthday, a little late, lol! March is a good month for birthdays. And by the way, to keep cake crumbs out of your frosting, freeze the cake first. It will make it so much easier!!