Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Doctor's Appointment

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday. I love going to the doctor-- sounds weird, I know! They tested my blood pressure, which was good. They tested my urine and found a trace of protein, which they say is ok. I got weighed and have gained 5 lbs. since my last appointment 4 weeks ago. You're supposed to gain about a lb. a week so I'm on track. I was laying on the bed thingy and the doctor put the microphone thing on my stomach to hear the heartbeat. We heard it on the right side of my stomach. She could feel that his head was facing down. Anyway, so she was listening to the heartbeat and moving the microphone thing around. She had been doing it longer than usual. Then all of a sudden the baby started spazing out and kicking and the microphone got really fuzzy. She was like, "Whoa, I won't do that anymore. Sorry baby." It was funny. It was like he was getting sick of being poked. Tyson says he takes after him! :) She measured my uterus. It is 31.5 cm. She said your uterus is usually the same size as how many weeks you are. I'm at 30 weeks now. She said 2 cm more or less is normal. Tyson's hoping he'll be big. He can get as big as he wants as soon as he's out of me! I'm not pushing no toddler out! We start our prenatal classes next week. They're once a week on Thursdays for 4 weeks. I'm really excited. They take you on a tour of the hospital so you'll know where to go and all that. There's also going to be a breastfeeding specialist that will talk to the group. I'm glad about that too. I'm a little nervous about that part. We plan on breastfeeding if the baby cooperates and everything goes like it's supposed to. My next dr. appointment is in 2 weeks instead of every 4 weeks. The appointments get closer together as you get further along. It excites me cuz it means I'm getting closer.

Today I bought a pair of maternity pants. It's my first pair. I have maternity capris but not any jeans. It's an exciting thing for me! :) Sad, I know.

Well, things are going pretty well. I'll write more later!