Sunday, September 17, 2006

Week 31

Well, I have about 9 weeks left. It's really flying by! The baby seems to be kicking more and more everyday. I think he's about ready to come out too. When it's time for bed, he thinks it's time to play and starts kickin'! My back has been hurting a little more lately- mostly when I lay/sit down. I'm fine standing up, which seems ironic. I'm feeling bigger and bigger as the days go by. When I'm laying in bed and try to switch over onto my other side, I feel like a beached whale! It's hard and painful to turn over. We start our prenatal classes this week on Thursday. They will go for 4 weeks. I'm pretty excited for them. My fingers have been a little swollen lately- usually in the mornings. They feel a little arthritic. I'm a beached whale with arthritis-- great! Tyson's dad gave us some peaches from his yard last weekend. He gave us probably about 10 or so. Tim had one and Tyson had one and then I ate the rest in about 2 days! Tyson told his dad that so when we went to Salt Lake yesterday he gave us about 6 more. They're gone too! Tyson tried to take one but I wouldn't let him. They were sooooo good-- probably some of the best I've had. It makes my mouth water just thinking about them! I've craved a few things during my pregnancy: raman noodles, macaroni and cheese, chips, spaghetti, ranch dressing, vanilla ice cream cones from McDonalds, and peaches! It's mostly been the salty stuff, which is weird because I usually crave chocolate and sweet stuff. Tyson was hoping I would crave steak or Mexican food so he would have an excuse to eat it a lot. Maybe next time! :)
Well, it's getting to be bed time-- aka time for baby to play! I'll write later!


emily said...

I can't believe that you only have 9 weeks left! It seems like just a month ago you made the announcement. You're almost their!!