Friday, September 08, 2006


So I'm getting a cold. It's hard enough to breath without one. I feel like I'm gasping for air. It sucks! The baby has been moving around a lot today. Tyson says it's because tomorrow is Game Day! Of course, why didn't I think of that? I'm done with my shingles meds and they're almost all the way cleared up. I'm glad. Next week I have my dr. appointment. I'm always excited to go to them. I usually get weighed and then I have to pee in a cup so they can test for too much protein. Then they check my blood pressure. Then they ask if I have any questions and then we listen to his heartbeat. It's so weird and for a second it all seems real. They're usually short visits. My last appointment I had to drink this really sugary drink so they could check my glucose levels. I had to drink it and then wait an hour and then they checked me. The number was supposed to be under 100 and mine was like 76 or something. Then she checked my iron. It was supposed to be over 11 and mine was 10.8, so I've had to up my iron supplements. It makes your poo black! Probably a little too much info! My fingers have been a little swollen lately. I think that's pretty normal. I'm glad my ankles haven't been. I'm surprised during the hottest parts of the summer that I didn't get swollen. I'm thankful for that!
This weekend Tyson is going to the game with his brother and I'm going to stay home and clean and work on my scrapbook, oh and definitely sleep in! I really don't think I could be at the game on the hard seats for 4+ hours. It just doesn't sound fun! My family is coming for the Utah State game in a few weeks, so I'm excited about that. It should be fun.
Well, things are going pretty well. I'm still fat and still wheezing but I'm doing ok! :)