Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Morning of Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve morning we had an amazing brunch.
My mom, dad, and I made the food: sausage, bacon (I have the hot oil splatter burns to prove it!), french toast, hot chocolate, and orange juice.
My mom decorated the table so cute! It was a snowman theme. She always does such a good job!
The silverware was put in a pair of black gloves.
Good job, mom!! :)


Anna said...

Your mom is June Cleaver!! It looks like it was a fabulous Christmas! AND thank you for your card! You guys are such a cute little family! You are doing such grown up things... I mean a Christmas letter?!?! Oh momma you are the bestest!

JC and Jena said...

CUTE table setting as always!! I might have to steal her idea for a future Christmas.