Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our Christmas Vacation...

We had a wonderful Christmas vacation. We went to Idaho Falls to be with my family. It was good to be back and spend a few days with the fam. We got there Sunday afternoon and left to come back to Provo on Thursday morning. We got snowed-in for a few days. On Christmas Eve it snowed all day long. Idaho Falls is known for not plowing the roads so it was pretty scary driving around for the last-minute gifts. We heard they closed the freeway north of Ogden. So we definitely had a white Christmas! We had a nice relaxing time watching movies and eating, eating, eating! We went and saw National Treasure 2. It was a good one! I recommend it. We also had fun playing games. Ethan got a karoke game for PS2 that was tons of fun! It was just fun to be home and spend quality time with my family. We got some great presents. Tyson got a bunch of things including a giftcard to Best Buy for a new DVD recorder (his old one broke-- that's a whole other story) so we went and bought that yesterday and it works great! He likes to record all the BYU football games so we've had them on our DVR the whole football season waiting for them to be recorded onto a DVD. I got a bunch of things also. Some of them were: a griddle and some handcrafted things from my mom. One is a Family Home Evening board with little name tag things and the other is a board that has magnetic metal squares on it for pictures. They're so cute! I also got The Biggest Loser book and cookbook. Tyson and I will be resolving to lose weight this year! :) We just need to get rid of all the Christmas goodies we got!!!! We also got a 1 year subscription for the Ensign. Thanks Mom and Dad for the wonderful Christmas! It was so fun and memorable.

Yesterday we went up to Tyson's dad's and then his mom's. I got money and Tyson got a BYU clock from his dad and a nice dress shirt from his mom. Lawson got a HUGE stuffed dog from his grandpa and some toys from his grandma. It was a great Christmas. Thanks to all!


JC and Jena said...

How fun! I loved being home too! Sorry we missed you guys. It was fun to see you Friday at lunch though.