Thursday, January 10, 2008

I've been tagged!!

6 Things People Might Not Know About Me....

1. When I was a Senior in high school, my friend and I went and got our bellybuttons pierced. I didn't have money at the time so my friend paid for it and I gave her some expensive jeans I had (and didn't want anymore) as payment! My mom didn't find out for about a year or so. I finally took it out when President Hinckley came out with the 1 piercing in the ears talk. I can't quite remember how long I had it in. I think it was around a year.

2. When I got to the MTC I met 2 wonderful sisters who were in my district and became great friends. While in the MTC we decided, to keep us bonded, we would not shave our right knee throughout our whole mission. Mine became known as The Beast because it was the hairiest! I've got the pictures to prove it! :) We shaved them together on our last night at the Mission Home.

3. I got a black eye in 7th grade for calling a girl a "Hooker" behind her back. She was flirting with my boyfriend-- what was I supposed to do! hahaha! (that was 13 years ago-- my vocabulary has changed since then!)

4. I've never broken a bone, been stung by a bee, or had a cavity.

5. I LOVE the Twilight books. I read all three of them in less than 3 weeks. I don't remember finishing a book besides The Book of Mormon in years. I can't wait until the next one comes out next Fall.

6. I love playing Dr. Mario. I am absolutely addicted to it. It's a video game on the original Nintendo. Tyson found a website where you can play thousands of old games and found it on there for me. It's if anyone is interested. :)

Those are some little known facts about me! I now tag Jenny Hill, Sarah Steele, BriAnna Jenkins, and Nicci Woffinden. Can't wait to read them!


Taylor and Justina Selim said...

I love the Twilight books too, except for I am a bad wife and mother while I am reading them! Way to addicting! Do you like Jacob or Edward better?

Kristin Baldwin said...

Hey - I saw the link "Oblad Family" on Natalie Perry's list on her blog and thought, "Don't I know Oblads???" So I checked it out and I DO KNOW YOU! I was your visiting teacher a few years ago in Provo when you lived around 400 N and 200 E ish. Anyway, your baby is SOOOO cute! How old is he? My little girl is 11 months - time sure flies. Oh and one more thing I am also obsessed with the Twilight series. That was the 1 thing I wanted for Christmas and my husband just doesn't get it. Anyway, feel free to check out our blog and looks like you're doing great!

Anna said...

Oh the BEAST!! How could I forget???? That knee was in it's prime when we were companions!!
love you!!