Thursday, February 07, 2008

More of Lawson

Lawson did the funniest thing the other day. When I workout, I lock him in the hallway by putting gates across the entryway to the livingroom and to the kitchen so he has a little play area with his toys. Part of my workout consists of lunges! I was doing them and I looked over and Lawson was holding onto the gate doing squats and blowing out through his mouth like he was working hard. It was hilarious. So now we tell him to do his "exercises" and he'll do his squats with his heavy breathing. He is so darn funny.

We've been going to a thing at the library called "Book Babies" every Friday morning. It's a thing for kids where we sing songs, the girls read a story, and there's a puppet show. They do bubbles sometimes too. Lawson loves it. The set-up is carpeted steps that form a circle with 3 levels for people to sit on. The girls who do the class sit in the middle in rocking chairs. Last week we went and Lawson just didn't want to sit in my lap. I let him go and he walked down to the middle of the circle in front of the head girls. We were singing songs and he was dancing and screaming (he's got a set of lungs!), and laughing. Everyone just laughed at him and he loved all the attention so he kept doing it. He loves when people play with him and he loves attention-- he's a lot like his dad! He's not afraid of anyone. I can leave him with someone he doesn't know and he doesn't even blink an eye. It's actually really nice. He's going to do great in nursery! (only 3 more months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

We're so happy he's in our family. He's so fun to be with and we have a great time. For the most part, he's a very happy boy.


The Olsen Family said...

Hey Sara! This is Natalie Olsen from Law Partners. My blog is It is a long one, I know. I'm glad you go to book babies now! Have a good day.

MIMI & LINCOLN said...

i am so proud of Lawson doing some squats with his heavy breathing. :)

it puts a smile on my face just imagining it.

have a great week, sara.

Keith and Nicci said...

Wish I could have been there to see the show (Austin has been taking naps at 10 lately)! Hopefully see you at waling group sometime!

Keith and Nicci said...

I meant walking!