Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lawson Y's Updates...

It's been too long since my last post. Lawson had his 15 month check up last week. Here are his stats: He weighs 28 lbs (90th percentile), he is 34 inches long (100th percentile), and his head is 49 cm (90th percentile). So pretty much we have a ginormous baby! :) Tyson is very happy about that because, of course, Lawson will play football. :)

He's been getting into his "Terrible Twos." He's throwing more and more tantrums and gets mad if he doesn't get his way. The last couple of days haven't been too bad though. When he gets bored, he grabs my hand and takes me to the door as he's waving his hand bye-bye. Most of the time we don't go bye-bye, so he throws a little tantrum. We've gone to the park a couple of times in the last week and both times when it's time to leave he screams bloody murder. I think he scared his little friend, Aiden! :) Then there's church. Lawson's nap is around noon everyday and we have church at 11. So, after Sacrament Meeting, he's had it. He likes to scream at the top of his lungs and doesn't like to sit still. I CAN'T wait for nursery! Tyson and I have been taking turns taking him home to put him down for his nap after Sacrament Meeting. Any suggestions on helping Lawson learn how to be quiet during church?? I keep thinking, "How did my mom do this 6 times?!" Anyway, Lawson's been a little bit of a struggle for me lately. Despite that, he's been doing some cute things too.

I think I've posted in the past that we've been teaching him sign language. Today he was in his high chair eating breakfast and one of Tyson's huge 5 inch thick books was sitting on the table. Lawson kept doing the sign for "book" and pointing to it because he wanted to look through it. For the last couple of months he loves holding books and fanning through the pages with his thumb. It's so funny! As far as his signing goes he knows: food, drink, more, ice cream, cereal, apple, pizza, cracker, book, please, sleep, down, and all done-- you know, the basics! :)

He learned how to say "ball" a few weeks ago so now everything that looks like a ball is a ball. We'll be driving in the car and he'll say, "ball," I'll ask him where and he'll point. It's usually something on a building or something that looks like a ball. He finds the "balls" in the most obscure places. One time there was this round thing on top of a building by our house that you wouldn't notice unless you were looking for it and Lawson pointed at it and said "ball." It's funny how kids open your eyes to things you wouldn't notice otherwise. He LOVES balls. He's a really good thrower but hasn't got the catching thing down yet. He makes baskets in his basketball hoop he got for Christmas.

We call his pacifier a "fa fa" cuz that's what we called it when I was little and my siblings were babies. Lawson calls it his "va va va va." We usually only let him have it when he goes to sleep or at church (which hasn't been working lately). For some reason, he's been really attached to it lately and wants it all the time. I don't let him but somehow he finds them! He'll go into his room and find them under his bed. I'll go into his room to see what he's doing and he'll have a fa fa in his mouth. It's so funny! I think he must have a secret stash or something! ha ha!

Anyway, Lawson is a fun boy when he's not being naughty! We enjoy him in our home and can't even imagine what life was like before him!


JC and Jena said...

Ha ha! I love the "fa fa stash". I know my nephew was SO attached to his, so my sister came up with the idea to tie it to a balloon and let him take it outside and let the balloon go. After that he honestly didn't want it anymore. Good luck!

Taylor and Justina Selim said...

Lawson is such a cutie! It's fun to read about him. We still give Aiden his binkie at night time and nap time. If it makes him sleep through the night and take a better nap, I am ok with that, haha. That is so neat that you are doing signing with him. A lot of people say that it cuts down on tantrums because they can communicate better. We had plans of doing it with Aiden but just never did.

Melanie said...

My family calls it a ba ba. My brother is known as the ba ba boy, because he was the same way. My mom found ba ba's for years