Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3rd Cousins!

My best cousin ever, Kelly, came to visit us today! She brought her little girl, Elle, and she and Lawson played in the backyard together. They are living in Colorado and were out here visiting friends this week. We're so glad they came to see us!
Elle kissing Lawson! Elle is about 9 months older than Lawson. I was commenting how huge of a difference just a few months makes in toddlers and babies with their abilities and comprehension.
Lawson decided to play in the pool and fell in while wearing his shorts so I took his shorts off and then Elle wanted to play too so off came her shorts!
They had fun taking turns going down the slide.
Elle was sitting in the car and then got out and said, "Lawson's turn." It was so sweet. She had fun trying to push him around. It was fun to visit with Kelly and catch up on things. I don't think I've seen her for over a year so it was nice for them to come see us.

I have to tell this story. My uncle married Kelly's mom when Kelly and I were about 9 I think. We met each other and became instant friends. My family and I were able to go to Washington for the wedding and bonded even more. It was fun to finally have a cousin my age (I'm the oldest grandchild on both sides)! As my family and I were driving away after the wedding and reception and all that, Kelly stood at the window and cried and said, "She was my best cousin ever." So now I call her my best cousin ever! And she is! :)

Thanks for coming to visit!


Melanie said...

Cute hair! Looks like fun.

Justina Selim said...

How fun! I love your hair!

Kelly Grace said...

You are so sweet and you are my best cousin ever too! I am so glad we got to see you, and feel so lucky you are coming to see us in a week too! We had so much fun visiting and I cant get over how much of an entertainer Lawson is, what a cute kid! Love you cuz!

K'Lyn said...

Sara, you look so cute! I love your hair.