Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stinky Pants

I think we've hit somewhat of a milestone. Usually when Lawson needs a diaper change I ask him if he needs a change and he usually doesn't really respond. Today I smelled some poopies so I asked Lawson if he was poopy. He nodded his head! Then I asked where his poopies were and he pointed to his diaper! This could be a fluke but hopefully we're working in the direction for potty training. I'm pretty sure that's a long ways down the road but we're going towards it at least!

I've been trying to let him do a little more on his own. Lately I help him open the door to the car and then let him climb in and get in his carseat and then I buckle him in. He's good about getting out and helping me close the door too. Until recently, as soon as I would put him down, when getting out of the car, he would immediately take off and I'd have to chase after him but he's been pretty good about going right to the house door. It's been nice not to have to carry him so much.

I forgot to mention that Lawson turned 18 months this past Monday. Happy half birthday, Lawson Y!


Justina Selim said...

Very nice! Aiden still won't tell me when he is poopy! I am not looking forward to having two in diapers! They are so expensive!