Friday, October 31, 2008

Apple Harvest

A few weeks ago, my good friend Sam found out that there was an apple orchard close to our houses where you could go and pick the apples for free and take as many as you wanted. We picked for about 30 minutes and ended up with about 100 pounds of apples!

At the orchard

Lawson trying to pick apples

Julian trying to pick apples

A few days later, we got together with another friend at Sam's and made applesauce! These are our boys hanging out together. For the most part they got along. Lawson is bigger than most kids so he's become somewhat of a bully and likes to take toys from other kids. I had to intervene a few times. :)

This is the finished product (the pictures are out of order)!

Our friend Shannon cutting apples

Me cutting apples
I stole some of these pics from Sam's blog (hope you don't mind!) It was my first time canning applesauce and it was a lot of work but a lot of fun. I think we each ended up with 20 jars each as well as some apple butter. It was a great time!


Sam said...

Man I'm glad this is over! What a long week... we need to plan another baking party soon though... maybe the week before thanksgiving?