Wednesday, January 07, 2009

33 Weeks

So as of today I am 34 weeks! The picture taken below was taken a week ago at 33 weeks. I have 6 weeks left. I'm feeling huge and really uncomfortable already. My back is killing me all the time and she likes to lay right under my ribs. It's all worth it, though. :) She's been kicking and moving a lot. I was thinking she wasn't as active as Lawson was but I'm beginning to think she's pretty close. I can't wait to see what she looks like and see what her little personality is like. Hopefully, she will be a little more laid-back than Lawson. :) He's calmed down a little but it still a crazy 2-year-old! I had my dr. appointment a few days ago. Everything is normal and she's still measuring on time. I have my next one a week from Friday and then it's every week after that! She'll start checking my cervix not this next time but the time after. I really can't believe it's to that point. I'm really nervous to have 2 kids. Hopefully Lawson will adjust ok and will be a big help. Lawson has been really hard to take out by myself because I can't chase after him and it's hard for me to carry him (he still likes to take off running). Being pregnant and having a 2-year-old boy, I've really felt handicapped in a way. It's harder for me to get around and I feel a little helpless. It's a weird feeling. Anyway, it's bedtime and I'm exhausted!
33 weeks


abbie said...

check your creves haha thanks for the scarage