Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lawson updates

Lawson is so fun lately with learning his letters. If we're watching tv, driving in the car, at the store, or doing anything else, he looks around for letters he recognizes. Mostly he points out Y, A, and O and a few others. It's funny to realize how many letters there are all around us! Right now he's watching a show on tv and the tv rating came on in the top corner. He said, "Mom, Y." I looked over and sure enough, there was a Y. He's a smartie!

Tyson was listening to the radio the other day and there was a doctor on there talking about kids being able to remember things. He said they can form memories around 18 months. He said to be more careful around that age with what you say and do because kids will remember. He said you should probably stop changing in front of them too. So for some reason Tyson picked up the phrase, "Oh snap!" He usually says in while watching football. For those not familiar with the phrase it's about the same as saying, "Dang." :) Anyway, so we were watching football ("we" meaning Tyson and me doing something else in the livingroom). Lawson was playing on the floor with something and then all of a sudden said, "Oh nap!" It was hilarious. Tyson and I just looked at each other in shock because we hadn't taught him to say it or anything. Note to self: watch what I do and say around Lawson. :)

For me, still uncomfortable. Only 5 more weeks! I was thinking about what I was doing 5 weeks ago and that was 2 weeks before Christmas. I can't believe it. It's so close and I'm kinda freaking a little with each day that passes. I have a dr appointment tomorrow and then every week after that until she comes! We still don't have a name. We can't really totally agree on anthing yet. I'll keep you posted. :)


The Olsen's said...

I can't wait for your baby to come for you guys! Sorry about not making it to Hobby Night. I didn't even see your text message until 9pm that night and by then it was way too late, I had forgotten about it completely, sorry! I hope it was fun though! :)

Justina Selim said...

Haha, I am always telling Taylor to watch what he says around Aiden because he will repeat it.

Trenholms said...


You do such a cute job with your blog! I love love love reading it. The things Lawson says and does crack me up. Ben comes running into the room asking "What?" because I am always audibly laughing when I read your blog.

We really like having you guys as friends...It's really too bad we don't spend more time together.

Let me know if you need any help with Lawson or the new babe. We would love to babysit for you sometime! (Of course, when we're home, which isn't often). We miss Lawson.