Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Pics

Makayla and her breathing tube in the NICU. She looks like a little elephant.

Peace Out!

Lawson and Dad visiting the NICU

Lawson giving Makayla a bath in the NICU.

Giving a sponge bath. I love this picture. It's soooo sweet. :)
So I'm just waiting for our doctor to come and discharge us. She will check us and make sure everything is going good and then we're free to leave. I'm nervous to go home but I'm sure things will be fine. I think my "high" is going away. My hormones are wacky! I got to feed Makayla in my room last night. She is now in the well baby nursery on my floor! She's been sleeping a long time. We gave her a little bit of formula with this last feeding because my milk is still not in yet and she is ravenously hungry! She's going to be a great nurser. She's latching on awesomely. So our new adventure awaits us at home with real life. I'm interested to see how everything goes. I'll keep you posted.


Farrer's said...

She is sure cute. I glad to hear things are looking better and she gets to come home with you. Take care both of you.

Trenholms said...

Oh Sara, she is PERFECT! What a beautiful little person! Let us know if we can help! We sure would like the chance.

Ben and Shaunelle

Whitaker Family said...

Congrats on the cute little one! I hope all is well, and the transition home goes perfectly. -Emily (form. Sister Dexter)

Beckie said...

Soo excited for you Sara! Lots of long sleepless nights await! Good luck!

Justina Selim said...

Cute girl! I can't wait to meet her! We had fun with Lawson today!

Jenny and Jeremy said...

What a beautiful baby!!! Congratulations!!!!

Liz Huntsman said...

CONGRATULATIONS! She is so beautiful! I love her name too! (It's what we picked out for our first girl ... I guess I better think of a new name!) :) I'm so happy everything has been going well! (It's so scary when things don't happen as you imagine.) CONGRATS AGAIN!