Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Little Update

I've neglected to post the last few days of our updates. Makayla was able to come home with us on Saturday morning (Valentine's Day). I was so glad. She has done beautifully her first week of life. She's been sleeping great. The first few nights she slept about 6 hours, I would feed her and then she'd wake up about 9:30am. I talked to my doctor about her sleeping so much between feedings but she said not to wake her at night and if she's sleeping that much I should just count my blessings! The last couple of nights she has woken (is that a word?) up around 3am and I feed her for a few minutes and then she's out again until around 7am. She is such a GOOD baby. I was really worried that since Lawson was a pretty good baby that we'd get a hard baby that cried a lot or something but we lucked out again and have a very easy-going girl. She really only cries if she's really hungry or getting her diaper changed. When it's time to feed she makes little noises and opens her mouth so if I catch on to that cue, she usually feeds without any fussing. It's sooooo nice! We've been really lucky so far.

I've been healing really quickly. This time around has been a lot different. Labor was fast, delivery was fast, and recovery has been going fast. I can still tell my ligaments and muscles down there aren't all the way back to normal but I'm feeling pretty good. I'm slowly getting my energy back and it's nice not to get winded doing the dishes or sweeping the floor. :)

For the first few days of being home, Lawson didn't really show any interest in Kayla. He's shown a little more and doesn't seem to be jealous or anything like that. He likes to hold her and watch her make silly faces in her sleep. My cousin had her 2nd a few weeks before me and she commented on her blog that she feels more like a family now with 2 kids. I totally feel like that to and I'm glad to have 2 beautiful kids! More later!


Trenholms said...

Wow! 2 kids at home, and you're still blogging! Way to go. It's so nice to hear all the updates.

If you're ready for visitors, we'd love to come see you. Just let us know!