Friday, February 13, 2009

Update Quickie

So life is great right now. Tyson, Cicily, and I went up for Makayla's feeding. She was a little sleepy but latched on great and probably got a couple of drops. Her nurse right now is AWESOME! I asked her about the heart ultrasound, the antibiotics, and her IV weening because I feel like I haven't gotten any straight-forward answers and kinda felt like we were getting the run around. So after the feeding the cardiologist came and did her echocardiogram (not sure how to spell it but the heart ultrasound) and said everything looked awesome and normal. I think he was kinda bugged that the nurses before had suspected a heart murmur. They seem overly conservative and cautious, which can be good but maybe a little too much. Anyway, so the nurse has taken her off her IV and will test her blood sugar level before I feed her next and if everything is good, she will bring her down to me for her next feeding. She will also get her last dose of antibiotics in the morning and then she should be able to go home with us when I am discharged in the late morning! I'm feeling pretty good right now. :) I didn't expect to have so many issues going on but it seems like it has been one thing after another but things are looking up. She is doing fantastic and looks so healthy. I can't wait to bring her home, although being at the hospital has been really nice and somewhat relaxing! I've been healing great. My bleeding has decreased quite a bit and everything is looking great. More updates later.