Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Little Texas Update

I have a minute and thought I'd update what we've been up to. We basically do the same thing everyday during the week. Tyson works from 8 to 5 and usually gets home about 5:30ish. During the day we go swimming and sometimes have a picnic there at the pool. We all have naps in the afternoon and then I start dinner. Sometimes when Tyson gets home we go swimming after dinner. That's pretty much everyday for us.
Either I'm getting used to the humidity or it hasn't been as humid lately. The weather has been nice. Today Lawson was able to play outside a little bit on our deck and in the "grassy" area next to our house (the grass here isn't really grass- it's gross!). It's been in the high 80s to low 90s lately and has been really nice.
Tyson is liking his job and is learning a lot. He was able to sit for a few days in court and listen to an interesting trial. It was a woman who was smuggling illegal immigrants from Mexico up to Houston. It was a multiple felony trial. She ended up not showing up to trial so she was charged 'en absentia' meaning they tried her as if she was there even though she wasn't. She was found guilty and they are looking for her now. Pretty exciting! He is over half-way done with the externship. It's gone by pretty fast.
The ward here seems like a good one. Both times we've been they've had problems with the AC where part of the building isn't air conditioned and it's been miserable! This last Sunday I took Lawson to go potty during Sacrament Meeting. I opened the door to the bathroom and heard a scurry. I looked down and saw a tail. I thought for sure there was a mouse or rat. It had run under the sink area. I got a closer look and it was a lizard! It was pretty cool!
This past weekend we went to South Padre Island (an hour away), which is where a lot of Spring Breakers go to party. Fortunately, Spring Break is over, so it wasn't too busy. We stayed in a little crappy hotel close to the beach. We spent about a half hour at the beach and then Lawson was done. He doesn't like to be dirty. He calls the beach "the dirty water." He prefers the swimming pool. Tyson was able to dig another hole though, so he was happy! :) Tyson's mom is coming to visit us in a couple of weeks. We are going to South Padre Island again for a night with her. It should be fun. We're glad to have visitors!
We will be leaving Texas soon so we don't have much time left. We've enjoyed ourselves down here and glad for this opportunity Tyson has had to work for the Judge here and the experiences he's having. He will have 3 credits when all is said and done.
This is totally off subject but Lawson is being potty-trained! It's been about a week and a half. I've approached it a little more casual this time. He wears pull-ups now and still has a few accidents. For the most part he stays dry. He's gone poo poo twice today and twice yesterday. It's really exciting for me! He can pull his "undies"down by himself and get on the potty by himself too. He's excited to be a big boy.
Anyway, we are doing great and I will post more later.


JC and Jena said...

YAY for potty training! Are you so glad to be coming home soon? Let us know when you guys get back to town. In the mean time, stay cool and be safe coming home!