Monday, May 11, 2009

Swimming and other pictures

This is the swimming pool by our double-wide. It's really pretty.

We eat lunch under the cabana sometimes.

More of the pool. The building in the background is the office.

Bananas! We are in a tropical climate! :)

Lawson sporting his fruit punch mustache.

Makayla after swimming.

One of the lizards we saw on our way home from the pool. We saw a big toad the other day too. There's all sorts of critters out here.

Lawson loves maps. He sleeps with this one. He sings the map song from Dora.

I tried to get all 3 of us in here.

" "Loving" Makayla!

Lawson wouldn't put his cracker down for pictures.


The Olsen's said...

Man, that would be so nice to have the pool to go swimming in practically every day! I'm still waiting for the outdoor places to open up here and can't wait! I love Makayla's flower headband, so cute!!! I need to get some of those! I'm glad you guys are having fun! :)

Trenholms said...

Wow, that looks like a fun place! I can't believe the banana tree! Have you tried eating one yet?! When do you guys come home?