Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spanish Church

So we went to Laredo this weekend to visit with some mission people. It was fun. When we go down there we always go downtown, which is a lot like Mexico, which happens to be about a mile from there. There's tons of shops there with imported stuff from Mexico and it's way cheap. I always get necklace/earing sets for $1. They're pretty cute too!
We got to the double-wide from Laredo this morning so we missed our church, which starts at 9. We went to a Spanish ward instead so we could take the Sacrament at 1:00. I've been to a number of Spanish wards before but I was really impressed with the McAllen 2nd Ward. First of all, there were 2 Confirmations. I couldn't understand the blessing but I felt the Spirit so strong. The Spirit is the universal language! The Bishop handed out Seminary Graduation certificates to the youth. There were about 12 who had graduated! Then a few of them shared their testimonies for the remainder of the program and sang a hymn as a musical number. It was really neat to see and have another confirmation that the Church is true. I love feeling the Spirit even when I don't understand what is being said. I just know what is being said is true. It makes me feel a little like someone hearing it for the first time-- they may not understand it very well, but they know it's true. Anyway, church was nice for me today.
I really wish I would have spent more time studying in Spanish in Middle/High School. I took Spanish for 5 years and can only speak very simple sentences and understand a little bit more. My Spanish teacher would be happy to hear that I wish I would have paid more attention! :) The Latin people are so friendly down here. They love Lawson and Makayla and are always complimenting them and touching their faces. :) It's different being the minority. Besides the missionaries, we were the only white people at church and we're usually the only ones in most places or one of the few. It's an interesting feeling.
Well, I will get some more pictures on here later. Hope everyone is doing well wherever you are!