Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Tornado

While we were in Denver (on our way back from TX), we had the opportunity to be in a pretty crazy storm. Apparently, Denver gets tornados. Didn't know that. Anyway, we had been to church and were driving back to our hotel. The clouds were really dark. We got to the hotel, put the kids down for naps, and were relaxing when all of a sudden we heard a sound outside, which turned out to be hail (is that how you spell it? been out of school too long). Anyway, Tyson ran out to move the car into covered parking. The car still got some damage-- small dents all over the hood and roof. :( He came back and said he could see a tornado forming outside. He took the camera and went back outside to get some sweet shots of it. Meanwhile, I was trying to take a nap. (Tyson LOVES the weather and is fascinated by tornados. I was just tired). Then there was a crazy siren outside: A tornado warning! Tyson got back and turned on the news. There were some great pictures of it on tv. Tyson's didn't turn out too great. We figured it was about 6 miles away and didn't touch down by us. There was some damage where it did hit but nothing too terrible I think. Anyway, it was exciting!
The tornado forming.

An enemy to cars-- hail!


Justina Selim said...

Oh how sad! Your new car!

Beckie said...

Wow that is the biggest hail stone I've ever seen-- poor car!! Cool to see a tornado - from a distance of course!!