Sunday, June 07, 2009

We're Done!

We have been in McAllen, Texas for only 4 weeks but it feels like we've been here for months (not in a bad way). Tyson has had a really good experience here and we're really grateful for the opportunity he had to work here. It's been fun to live somewhere totally different than Provo. We've really felt like the minority in race as well as religion. It's been a fun change. Tyson's mom is coming to stay with us for a few days now that Tyson is done with the externship.
Tyson's "office"

Working so hard! This was his phonebook-sized case he had to read.

The view from his desk. He was in one of the 3 highrise buildings in the city. He was on the 8th floor.

Lawson, Makayla, and I went to the nearby outlet mall for a couple of hours. This little girl was sitting on this ride and Lawson hopped right on while her dad was putting quarters in it so he got a free ride. It was pretty funny. The kid isn't afraid of anything or anyone. He's so super friendly to everyone and loves giving fives to total strangers.

We were driving in one of Tyson's old areas in San Benito and I noticed the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sign on this building. We pulled over and it was the area's branch. They didn't have a branch in this area when Tyson was here nearly 8 years ago. We thought it was a very cool building for a church!