Sunday, July 12, 2009

The 4th of July Pictures

Most of Tyson's family came up to Idaho Falls for the 4th this year. We always have so much fun when we get our families together. All of our siblings are close in age (we are both the oldest of 6 kids).
We started our weekend at Big Jud's- home of the giant hamburger.
Left to right clockwise: Baby Oliver, Ally (Tim's wife), Tim (Tyson's bro), Tyler (my bro), Abbie (my sis), Kinsie (Tyson's sis), and Patrick (Kinsie's fiance).

Left to right clockwise: Jim (Tyson's dad), Landon (my bro), Ethan (my bro), Lawson, Cicily (Tyson's sis), Jonathan (Tyson's bro), Tyson, my dad, and my mom.

Makayla in her 4th of July outfit.

Mack and Makayla in their 4th of July outfits. (Devin holding them)

I can't get enough of these 2!

Oliver in his 4th outift.

We had a wonderful breakfast on the morning of the 4th. Thanks mom and dad!

That night we had a barbeque at Devin and Missy's house, who live right by the Snake River and the IF temple. Missy made her famous flag cake.

My goofy dad! :)

Tyson, Jonathan, Cicily, Tim, and Ally.

Ally, Oliver, my mom.

The cute duo again! (Missy holding them)

Our little family. This was the best picture out of the 4 that were taken.

After dinner, out came the water balloons for the traditional water balloon fight.

Devin and Missy.
After the water balloon fight, we moved our camping chairs down a few blocks to save our place for the firework show.


Bridgette and Bill (Missy's brother) holding Mack.

Ally, Oliver, and Tim.

Patrick and Kinsie.

Tim and Jonathan.

Our dads.

Me and my mom (yes, we are holding hands)
Unfortunately, Tyson took Lawson, Makayla, and Cicily back to my parents' house after dinner. Lawson hadn't had a good nap in days and had stayed up late the night before. He turns into a nightmare on little sleep, so Tyson took him home to go to bed. Despite that, the fireworks were amazing as usual! It was so much fun to get our families together and celebrate the birth of our country.


Anna said...

how much fun! LOVE that your families get together!

your kids are adorable!!