Sunday, July 12, 2009

Taylorsville Days

Every year the weekend before the 4th of July, Taylorsville has their celebration with booths, carnival rides, and fireworks. This was Lawson's first year and first time on carnival rides. He loved all the rides he went on.

We usually go early and stake out our spot for fireworks. We sit around on blankets and visit until the show starts. Lawson and Tyson were playing catch. The last couple of years they have had a Neil Diamond wannabe come and sing his songs. Lawson was having a blast dancing around and entertaining all who would watch. We were laughing so hard at all his moves. I had tears because I was laughing so much.

Mike and Kjera (Tyson's sister)

Cicily (Tyson's sister) and her friend Robby.
Last year Lawson saw fireworks in Idaho Falls, but was too little to remember so this was really his first time. He layed on the blanket in between Tyson and me. At first he pulled the pillow over his face because he was scared. We talked him into just plugging his ears. By the end he was loving them and not scared at all.