Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Self Weening

So Makayla has decided she doesn't like to breast feed anymore. I'm a little on the sad side but to me, bottles are so much more convenient. It all started when I got a cold in May. I took some medicine that dried me up- milk included (I wasn't thinking, obviously). My milk production decreased a little. I don't think it was the same after that. I would have to supplement about once a day with formula. We were in TX at the time and I didn't have my breast pump with me. So when we got back I started to pump at one feeding and gave her a formula bottle so that I could start a reserve of breast milk to have on hand. She started to prefer the bottle. She would nurse for a little bit and drink all she could and still be hungry so I started giving her a few ounces of formula after almost every feeding. My milk production has gone down again and now she just won't take me anymore. :( With a bottle it's nice to know how much she's getting. She seems happier now because she's not hungry after every feeding. I'm sad I can't provide her with my milk anymore but I have to say formula is soooo much easier! Anyway, that's all. :)


BriAnna Jenkins said...

This is exactly what happened to us, minus meds and Texas. Is it weird i'm glad i'm not the only one?? :]