Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sweet Conversations...

I've had some cute little conversations with Lawson the last few days. I wanted to record them before I forget- I'm actually amazed I have remembered them this long! :)

We were driving in the car and had just dropped Tyson off.
Lawson: Mommy, you driving?
Me: Yes, I'm driving. Are you driving?
Lawson: No, I no have a wheel. I grow big to the sky then I drive.

Yesterday we had a little picnic in our backyard. We were sitting on the cement and watching the ants carry our crumbs away (amazing by the way!).
Lawson: Mommy, ants have faces.
Me: How do you know they have faces?
Lawson: They looking at each other.
Sure enough, there were two ants facing each other.
Me: What do their faces look like?
Lawson: They have black faces.

Lawson was in the bath last night and he was laying down while I was washing his hair. He was feeling his stomach and then noticed his ribs. He made a funny face and I asked him what he felt. He said, "It's my hot dog." That's what he had for dinner. How funny!

What a little sweety. It's so fun to see the world through a child's eyes and be there as they figure stuff out.


Kelly Grace said...

So cute! I love their creative little minds! They are the best!

Beckie said...

Oh how much fun is that!!

Mod Podge Amy said...

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By the way - you have darling children! They are so precious -

Anna said...

I love it. He is a doll!!

carolee said...

Cute...that's great to record them.

Natalie said...

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