Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where Did He Get That?

So I was out doing some errands last night and had missed a call from Tyson on my phone. When I got home Tyson said he wished I would have answered my phone. He was calling to tell me a conversation between him and Lawson. I had put Lawson down for the night before I had left. Lawson came out to the livingroom where Tyson was working on his computer (he can do some of his work from home!!).

Lawson: Dad, I need to go potty.
Tyson (thinking he was just trying get out of bed): Ok, just a minute.
Lawson: Hurry up Dad, I need to crap!

I have to clarify that he did not learn that word from me! I'm guessing it was Tyson. :) Oh, and Lawson did go poo poo- he wasn't just trying to get out of bed!


Beckie said...

Heheheh! I love it!! When kids learn new meanings to words there is nothing better!

Trenholms said...

Haha, what a funny kid! I mean, that's not funny. Shame on Tyson for teaching him naughty words (but, hehe!). Good for him, though, for going potty. What a big boy!