Monday, September 07, 2009

BYU vs. Oklahoma University

College football is back in session, which means I won't have a husband until Christmas time. It's not just an occasional game on the weekends, but it's watching that game over and over throughout the week! Speaking of which, we (meaning Tyson) are watching Saturday's game again for the third time and it's only Monday! I have to say, it was an exciting game and we were picked to lose but kicked their hinies 14 to 13. I do have to say, however, that on Saturday mornings Tyson lets me sleep in and cleans the house and takes care of the kids while I am!! That, to me, is more than a fair trade-off. With the winning of the game, Tyson was so excited that he granted me one wish with a few exceptions, one being that I couldn't wish for 100 more wishes. I chose to have the "day-off" on Sunday. He took care of the kids and made dinner and got the kids ready for bed. He said when BYU wins that I can have Sundays off! GO BYU!! :)
During the game, there was a lot of loud cheering and clapping. Thankfully our duplex neighbors were gone for the evening and didn't have to put up with all the yelling. At one point, Makayla started crying from all the loudness. After she had gone to bed, we had Lawson sitting on the couch with our portable DVD player watching a movie. It got loud and Lawson said, "Shhhhh, Sweetie Girl is asleep" (a phrase he has heard more than once). Another time after a good play we were clapping and Lawson looked up from his movie and said, "Are you clapping for me?" The world does revolve around him.
The game was very exciting and as soon as it was over, Tyson, Tim, and Cicily, were out the door to run down the street yelling and screaming that BYU had won. Poor, poor neighbors! What did I marry into? :)


Stephanie :) said...

I almost wish that my husband would get into football so that we could do a trade-off like that. I want a day off too! :) Your kids sound so cute! wish I could meet them (and your husband).

Justina Selim said...

Haha! Sounds like my house. I think Taylor almost cried :->