Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Christmas 2009

We spent Christmas in Idaho again this year. We've spent every year, since we've been married, up there. I'm grateful to Tyson for letting us! My mom and I took Lawson and Makayla to the mall to see Santa.
Waiting in line to see Santa. Lawson posed himself. He's such a silly kid!

Lawson LOVED Santa and just kept talking and talking to him. He told Santa he wanted a candy cane for Christmas- that's all. Turns out "Santa" forgot to get him a candy cane on Christmas Day. He didn't notice. :) Makayla was mesmorized by the bearded man.

My good friend, Sam, bought Lawson a coat for Christmas. He'd been wearing the coat my mom bought him when he was one. It was a size 2T and Lawson is now 4-5T so it was a bit snug. He LOVES his coat and I'm so grateful to Sam for her generosity! He went out and played in the snow a few times while in Idaho. There wasn't very much snow this year for Christmas. Idaho Falls doesn't have a very good plowing system so the roads in the neighborhoods stay white from about November to February or March but this year we could see the road most of the time we were there! There was also grass poking up from under the shallow snow.

My mom and dad made their wonderful Christmas Eve brunch. It was delicious! Lawson was most excited about the candy cane in the hot chocolate. I'm not quite sure what his obsession with candy canes was this year.

Every year the "Elves" ring the doorbell and leave a cute little sleigh on the porch filled with wrapped pajamas for everyone. Lawson was so excited that the sleigh was his size. I forgot to get a picture of him sitting in it.

Christmas morning. We were spoiled again this year. I got a long-awaited Kitchenaid and Tyson got a GPS for our car along with some other things. Lawson and Makayla got clothes and toys.
We had a great Christmas. It was wonderful to spend it with family and enjoy the time off of school. This is our last Christmas break. I'm really sad about that but look forward to stepping into "real life" soon when Tyson graduates in April from Law School.