Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lawson's 3-year check-up

Lawson is a big kid!
He's the size of some 5-year-olds!
Here are his stats from his 3-year check-up:
Height: 42 inches (100th)
Weight: 38 lbs. (93rd)
He is talking really well now and has a great memory. His Grandma Oblad got him a map of the US that has buttons on each state with a voice that says the name of the state. He has about 10 memorized and can point to them and say which state they are.
The other day at Joy School the kids learned about the letter "D." They painted dinosaurs and had D-shaped cookies. They talked about words that began with "D." When Lawson got home he was telling me they learned "D" words so we were listing things that started with "D." We came up with dinosaur, dragon, door, dad, and a few others. Lawson was excited that "dad" started with "D." The rest of the day he was asking me what different words started with. When Tyson got home I told Lawson to tell dad what he had learned at school that day. Lawson thought for a minute and said, "Dad, you're a "B" word!" He was so proud of himself even though he had mixed up "B" with "D". It was HILARIOUS. Tyson just looked at me with a super confused look and I just laughed and then explained.
Lawson is a very friendly and outgoing kid. When he enters a room of people, he enters with the attitude that he's there and the party can now begin! He loves meeting new people and loves the friends he has. He's still learning to share, which most 2 and 3 year olds are still learning and has done a lot better over the last year. We love him and are grateful for him and his great personality!


Sam said...

I told JD about the "Dad, your a B word!" He cracked up... so funny :)