Sunday, May 16, 2010


A couple of funny things I wanted to remember:

The other day I was in the grocery store in the Mexican aisle. I was looking at rice and this girl walked up looking at rice also. She picked up a huge bag and told me she had a weird question. She said I was a mom so maybe I could tell her. :) She was going to be making the socks with rice in them that you warm in the microwave so she was wondering if the bag of rice she was holding was regular and not instant rice. The funny thing is she couldn't have been much younger than me, at least I thought so. It made me feel old that since I was "a mom" I would know the answer. ha ha!

I took the kids to the park a few days ago. I was sitting down with Makayla. There were a bunch of kids there about 7 years old. The girls kept wanting to hold Makayla and help her go down the slide. There was a boy and girl over talking to us and during our conversation the boy whispered, "Are you pregnant?" I told him I was and he said, "Wow. You are really skinny for being pregnant!" Bless his heart! I wanted to give him a huge hug. :) It made my day.

We were up in Salt Lake at Tyson's dad's. Lawson was sitting at the table and picked up a utensil in plastic- the kind that you'd get from KFC or something like that. He said, "This is a spork." I thought he might have said "fork" so I asked him again what it was called and he said again, "spork." I asked where he learned about sporks. He said from Olivia, which is a cute kids show about a pig and her pig family. Her "fancy" friend at school came to lunch with a spork in her lunchbox and Olivia thought that was so cool. Lawson had remembered that. It's funny what kids pick up on.

Tonight we had just gotten done with reading the Book of Mormon simplified with the pictures and stuff. We read about Samuel the Lamanite and I told Lawson that tomorrow we were going to read about when Jesus was born. Lawson asked where Jesus was so we had a little conversation about that and how Jesus hears our prayers and he can protect us. He said that Jesus could hold him and protect him from the sharks. It was very sweet.