Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What the future holds...

Tyson did it! He graduated!! It was a bittersweet day. It was wonderful to know that we're done with school but sad to think of leaving friends as we all go our separate ways. I've made some amazing friends and have had some great experiences while Tyson has been in school. Right now we're enjoying a little bit of time off until Tyson gets his materials needed to begin studying for the bar.

Our future plans have been somewhat complicated with TONS of details we've had to work out. Let's start from the beginning: Tyson applied to a job in Seattle as well as Pocatello, Idaho. The Seattle job was through a career fair held in Portland, Oregon. He got an email saying they wanted to interview him. He left a few days later and interviewed up there. Not too long after, he got a call for an interview for the Pocatello firm. We went up to Idaho and he interviewed. On our way back to Idaho Falls (where my family lives), he got a call from the Seattle people saying they wanted another interview. We were trying to figure out when he should go and decided that since we were in Idaho and my family was willing to watch the kids AND it was his week break from school, that we should go up right away. We left the next day and made the drive up there for the second interview. The interview went well and they told him he wouldn't find out about their decision until Mayish.

While we were in Seattle, Tyson received an email from a friend who had graduated from BYU's Law School 4 years earlier. For some background on him: he just recently started his own firm (in the last few months) in Dallas, Texas with another BYU graduate from last year. His partner had applied to a job in Idaho and was going to leave the firm if he got the job or not so he and his wife could be closer to family. The reason for the email was he was asking Tyson if he knew of anyone looking for an attorney position. Tyson explained his 2 possibilities he had going on but said he was interested and the friend said to keep him in mind. It turns out that the partner who had applied for the Idaho job had actually applied for the same Pocatello job as Tyson. We found out recently he ended up getting the position. Because of the newness of the firm and all the unknowns that come with that, we've been a little hesitant with accepting the job. We still haven't heard from Seattle and probably won't for a few more weeks. We've decided to take a leap of faith and move to Dallas. We've been trying to get all the details figured out with the birth of our baby and all that. Before we decided to move to Dallas, Tyson surprised his dad with a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico (in his mission of course!!) with him and his siblings for his dad's retirement. That trip takes place beginning on June 5th. I am being induced on May 20th. We've decided to coincide our moving adventure with their fishing trip so we can have a little help unloading the truck. Tyson will leave with his family in a moving truck and drive the 24 hours to Dallas (not all in one day!). He will then unload our stuff and continue on their trip down south. In the meantime, the kids and I are going to come up to Idaho and stay with my family for about 10 days and then my sister is going to fly out with me and the kids to Dallas. I have to say, I am VERY nervous about the flying thing. The baby will be just less than a month old and I will have THREE kids!! Thank goodness for my sister! Tyson will be back to Dallas by this point and his family will be on their way back to Utah so he will be able to pick us up from the airport.

Tyson will study for the bar and take the exam the end of July in Texas. Hopefully by this point we will have heard back from Seattle. Tyson wants to try out this Dallas job and get a better feel for it before making a definite decision. If Seattle says yes, then we will have a big choice to make but will probably end up staying in Dallas. So that's the plan right now.

We've had to figure out our whole housing situation and haven't found anything definite yet, but have some promising places to be able to rent. We have been on a government housing program that helps pay with rent while we've been in school and we will still qualify for it once we've moved to Texas because Tyson won't be making money for a few months with all the bar stuff and then because of the newness of the firm. That has been a headache trying to learn how to do the transfer and all that comes with that. So for now it's a waiting game. Waiting for the baby to come, waiting for a house, waiting for our paperwork to go through, and everything else! It's exciting! :) We're grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead but are also grateful for the opportunities we've had while being here in Utah and for the education Tyson has received.

I've got lots of pictures that I need to post so I will do that when I get some time.


Beckie said...

Wow-- I am scared for you-- I'd be freaking out-- I love thatyou are soo willing to just close your eyes and jump!! It will be a great adventure-- enjoy!!

Trenholms said...

OH YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! You are moving to Texas! I am SO thrilled! I can't wait! Let us know if you need help with moving helped us a lot when we moved out. We owe you!

Stephanie :) said...

Sarah, lots of NEW things, huh? But thank goodness for family! Good luck on your adventures!