Friday, June 25, 2010

We are Texans!

We have officially moved to Texas, found a place, moved in, and are partly unpacked. It's been an INSANE week and a half. The kids, my sister, and I flew down to Dallas from Salt Lake on June 14th. We lived in 4 different hotels in a week's time while looking for a place to live. Tyson was also trying to study for the Bar during all the craziness. My sister left that Friday morning and I cried! It was a really hard week. It felt like we'd never find a place and we'd be stuck in a hotel forever.

A week after we had flown down we found a cute little house and met the landlord to take a look inside. We fell in love with it. Talked about it and signed a lease later that day. We moved in the next morning. We had been to church and met some people so a wonderful lady from the ward watched Makayla and Lawson for 3 hours while Tyson and I went to the storage unit to load our stuff up. By the time I had gotten back to the storage unit after dropping the kids off, Tyson had about 1/2 of the stuff loaded! I helped load the rest of the stuff up and then went and picked the kids up and took them to the house to meet the landlord to get our key. Another lady from the ward met us at our house and helped us unload everything.

So we've been here 3 days now and have been trying to unpack and figure out where to put everything. We live in a cute town 30 minutes south of Dallas called Waxahachie. It's very country. The people who share our back fence have 2 horses and 2 goats! Tonight we went out there to see them and one of the horses came to the fence to see us. It's so fun! I've also heard a rooster a few times. I will get some pictures of the place soon.

Porter is doing well. He's growing out of his 3 month clothes already. He just turned 5 weeks yesterday. I can't believe it! He's a cute boy.

Tyson is feverishly trying to catch up with his Bar studying with all the days he missed with moving and the days being in the hotel where he wasn't able to study very well. He takes the test in 30 days. I look forward to that being over!

Life is going well for us. I will update more later!


Meisinger2 said...

I am sosorry that your move was so difficult. It might have seemed so much worse if I had not put you through "floral holiday hell."

When some things get hard for me I just think back to the MB holidays we survived and my viewpoint changes and everything seems like something I can conquer.

Hope everything is smoothing out. Lori and I still think of you every floral holiday.

Anna said...

what the? you moved? boo.
miss you.
congrats on the new addition to the family.
All of your kids are adorable.
love you sweet pea!!