Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pictures.. finally!

Here are a few pictures of the last month.
We got all packed up from Provo to move to Texas. Notice the beautiful grass-- there isn't such a thing here in Texas. :(

We said good-bye to dear friends and family. We really miss the Andersons. They were our best friends in Provo.

We took the long trip to Texas. I actually took the kids up to Idaho for almost 2 weeks while Tyson moved our stuff down and took a little graduation/retirement trip with his dad, brother, and sister in the southern part of Texas.

We love it down here. People are so nice here- I've been REALLY impressed by the hospitality of everyone.

Things I miss:
*Family and friends
*Grass (I've become obssessed for some reason with how not sitable the grass is)
*The mountains
*Lots of free babysitters!
Things I Love Here:
*Lots of trees and greeness
*Southern hospitality
*The park in our town- it has 3 different playgrounds and tons of huge trees for shade!
*Blue Bell ice cream- I've gained 10 lbs. since I've been here!
*Our house- it's tons bigger than our old place (I don't miss that part at all!) We even have a little laundry room!!
*Lots of other stuff :)
It's been hard keeping the kids busy while Tyson studies here at home for the Bar he's taking the end of July. Can't wait till that's over!

Isn't this the sweetest girl you've ever seen! :)
The dentist's daughter in me comes out when I look at her teeth, notice the wear marks on her front teeth from her pacifier and think that I should get her off it. But then she screams her blood-curdling scream and I don't care anymore- ha ha. :)

She likes to point at things. Recently, when she points she wiggles her finger at the same time. It's hilarious.
This is a good picture for the pacifier teeth. :)
My kids are definitely Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-types. In this picture they are so cute and nice to each other. They often cuddle with each other on the couch and give each other random hugs but most of the time Lawson is chasing Makayla around, pushing, taking toys, tackling, smothering with pillows or blankets, and other such things. What a life!

Crazy things that have happened in the last month:
*Our computer crashed beyond repair (a little more than a month ago)
*Our laptop crashed and we had to replace it
*Tyson's phone crashed/died and we had to replace it
*Our housing plans fell through before our actual move and we had to change plans at the last minute to a whole different city (still near Dallas but just a different suburb--long story)
*Our washer and dryer died on the same day- the washer died in the middle of a cycle with water still in it. We had to replace both of them.
*Our entertainment center broke in the move so we had to buy a new one.
*Tyson was nice and took Lawson and Makayla to the grocery store for me. After loading groceries into the car, Tyson slammed the trunk down on our SUV and didn't know Lawson was standing there. They had a trip to the emergency room (we don't have insurance yet!)-- see above picture. Instead of stitches they did special skin glue and glued it back together.
*All of this has happened and we don't have an income yet. :)
But we're managing to get by somehow! Aren't these the cutest guys ever! :) Even though crap keeps happening life is still good!

I just had a WIC appointment and Porter weighed 14 lbs at 7 weeks!!! He's at 24 inches also. When he was born he was 8 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches. He's growing like crazy. He's smiling and cooing and I'm loving it!
We are slowly getting used to this new life down here. We've made a few friends from the ward. There's a cute little boy in Lawson's primary class in church. The rest of the class is just a bunch of girls. :) Lawson said he and his little friend both had time-out on Sunday because they were being noisy. The girls just sit there quietly- ha ha! Boys.
Life is good!


Beckie said...

OOH wow-- I would have broke down - and gone crazy with all that drama-- good thing it is happening to you and not me-- you canhandle anything!!

YOur kiddos are too cute!

Stephanie :) said...

It has to be Murphy's Law: once one thing dies or breaks, everything else does too. NOT FUN! You are amazing to have such a good perspective on life still. :) Your kids are too cute! Enjoy Texas!

Princesses' Mom said...

Fun pictures! Your kids are darling. I'm glad you are adjusting well. I'm sure the blessings are to follow after all your "adventures"! Thank heavens for "tithing insurance"!

The Sheldon Stout Family said...

I love lawsons face on the play ground, he's so funny! so I guess we won't be seeing you at the reunion! good luck in texas ,Sheldon will be applying in Texas, arizona and southern utah when time comes in January to start applying for jobs, we'll see. love ya!