Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Visitors...

We had our first out-of-town visitors a couple of weeks ago! Tyson's brother, Tim, and his wife, Ally, and their 2 boys Oliver and JJ came for a quick visit from Lubbock, Texas where Tim is going to school at Texas Tech. We hadn't seen them in 3 months, which has been a huge change from when we lived a few blocks from each other in Utah. JJ is about 3 weeks older than Porter so it was really fun to compare the 2 boys. Porter's head is ginormous but they are close to the same size. We would sit them in front of each other and they would smile and coo at each other. It was so cute!
Porter & JJ
I love this picture!

Porter and his head :)

Uncle Tim and 4 of the cousins (Porter is on top)

Uncle Tyson and 3 of the cousins.

One of the reasons they came to visit was to kickoff the football season with BYU's first game of the season. Tyson, Tim, and Ally all graduated this past April from BYU and they would come over for every away game so it was fun to have them kickoff the season with us. It was nice to have family over. We all wore our BYU blue. (Lawson took this picture!)

A little note about Tyson: each week he makes this schedule (shown on the clipboard above) of all the games he wants to watch on Saturday with what channels they are on and what time they start. We have a small tv we keep in our room and he brings that out each Saturday so he can keep up with all the college football that is going on! The watching of the football starts about 10 am and goes for a good 12 hours or more. That's what Saturdays are like in the Oblad house during college football season. I must say, Tyson has a pretty awesome wife to allow such behavior. :) I should add: Tyson lets me sleep-in every Saturday morning and takes care of the kids, does dishes, laundry, and picks up while I sleep! So it's a great trade-off for me.

Ally, JJ, and Lawson getting ready for the game to start.

The brothers (Tim and Tyson w/ Makayla in the middle)

Oliver and Lawson
We're glad we had our out-of-state visitors over! Tyson blessed Porter the following day so it was nice to have family come for that.


Stephanie :) said...

Sara, your kids are so cute!! I love Porters little missionary shirt in the Blessing post! I like your trade-off with Tyson. It makes me wish that my husband watched football too! :)

Darren Cochran said...

Great photos & a nice blog!

Darren Cochran said...

Hi Sara,

Thank you for your comments and information on the book of Morman!